The hard truth for any new YouTuber is that you are going to find it hard to get the number of views that you expect.

The best way to get views when you don’t have a huge subscriber base is to be in the YouTube search engine. You need to be in the TOP 3 videos for keywords in your niche. Once you are in the top 3 you are also more likely to show up in the related videos and get even more views.

Here is a simple step-by-step hack to getting a top three position for your keywords.

Before you start optimizing your YouTube videos.

Before I start I want to point out two things…

  1. You may see all over the internet that search and SEO are dead but this is not at all the case. Yes, if you already have 1 million subscribers you may not need to SEO as much but if you are new to YouTube, SEO may be the only way your video will get found.
  2. If your video is not high-quality, you may find that you get the TOP 3 but you will lose it very quickly. Only promote great content that will keep your watch time high and get you more subscribers. Low-quality videos will stop people watching and hurt your future videos from ranking.


Right, before we get into how we get to the top of YouTube let me show you the PROOF. If you jump over to YouTube right now and search for ‘Google assistant tricks every user should know’  you will find a video that has used this method showing up in the third position. What is most amazing is the video only has 125 views, just under a video that has 3.5M views.

Tools for increasing your rank on YouTube.

For this method, you will need 2 tools. Both of which have a free version.

How to get ranked in YouTube the method.

First of all, to get started you will need to open Morning Fame. Open your channel and choose a keyword. The idea is to use the “Research Next Video feature”.

To see how to use this feature there is a great video here :

The idea is to get 1 target keyword with an “A rating” in relevance and then to get more variations of that keyword that you will use as tags.

There are two ways of getting the variations together.

  1. Simply use the MorningFame tag generator, this is not the method I use.
  2. Use the Tag explorer in TubeBuddy, this is my preferred method.

Finding Relevant Tags

Fire up TubeBuddy and enter the main keyword into its tools section named Tag explorer. You’ll want to focus on the TREND of the keyword so you don’t end up with a well-optimised video that no one will watch. I tend to keep watch out for a relevant keyword with a score of over 70.

Now optimize that video

Now, you have done the keyword research and gone your perfect set of tags, we are going to optimize our video.

How? It is pretty simple really. Follow the simple steps below.

Steps to ranking on YouTube.

  1. Optimize your video’s title. Use the main keyword as the title of your video.
  2. Optimize the video’s description. Make the 1st words of your video’s description your main keyword.

  3. Add your main keyword as your first tag.
  4. Say the keyword in the actual video. You will need to repeat it at least 10 times. Don’t make it spammy make sure you repeat it but it must make sense. Remember Google is listening to you :).
  5. Buy views and likes to improve your chances of staying up high on the search engine.

That’s it you should see your search position shoot up.

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