“How do I get more people to follow me on Instagram?”

So, you want to grow on Instagram but you don’t know how-to. Here is the ultimate guide to growing on Instagram in 2018. Getting more followers and photo likes organacally!

Let’s get straight to it!



1. Embrace the power of hashtags

Hashtags are still one of the best ways to be found on and grow on Instagram. Finding Hashtags that suit your purpose will increase the number of followers to your account. 

Some apps are truely amazing at finding the perfect hashtags to help you rank high in instagrams’ feed and search engine. I personally use apps like FocalMark to help me find perfect hashtags that are trending in my local area.


Above you can see and example of us searching for Hashtags on FocalMark

2. Engage with your Community

People like to know that you value their thoughts and opinions. The best way to create an engaged community is to “engage with your followers”! Ask your followers how their day is going. Whilst working on a project take a photo and ask for your followers opinions. Ask as many questions as you can. Planning a hoilday? Ask for local tips or ask if your followers are going on holiday and where? You’ll be surprised at how many people will usually reply!


3. HighlighT your BIO with stories 

When new users land on your Instagram profile, they probably don’t know who you are and what your account is about. Most accounts usually rely on a short bio to make that first impression  (we cover in the next point  how important it is to have a great Instagram bio).

Now, you can create permanent collections of Instagram Stories that you will find just below your bio on your instagram profile. These instagram stories are called highlights and brands are already loving this hot feature.

 Think of Highlights as a short trailer for your business, and it suddenly becomes a perfect opportunity to show what you’re all about and give a sense of what you offer.


4. An Eye-Catching Instagram Bio

As one of the most under-utilized features of Instagram, your bio is really important! Although it may be hard to come up with a great description for your profile, you need to take time to think about it. Your bio is one of the first things potential followers will read, so make it interesting!

When writing and thinking about your bio try to focus on your target customer and how your Instagram profile will help or inspire them.

Lastley make sure you include a call-to-action. Call-to-actions can be: Visit my site, have a look at our latest swag on your online shop, subscribe to your email list, or buy tickets to your event.

In short your bio needs to be eye-catching, quickly explains what your business does, and convinces new visitors to click that follow button.!



Shhh… Don’t tell anyone. This is a hidden secret to growing your following and fast. People love to receive free goodies and swag. Leveraging  – people’s desire to get something for nothing is one of the most powerful techniques at your disposal. Instagram giveaways are limited-time promotions in which you promise to give a product or service to one (or more) lucky followers according to a specified set of criteria, usually “Follow me for a chance to win a *****” or “Like this photo and you could be one of our lucky winners”.


An example of an Instagram giveaway post.


Instagram giveaways can be a great way to create some buzz and attract some potential new fans.



Content is king & engaging with your followers are the best ways to bring new visitors to your profile.  Be creative & don’t stop telling everyone about your instagram profile.


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